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Transforming the World.

One app at a time!

We imagine, design and implement software, that aims to harness the collaborative power of networks (people, knowledge, machines) in order to create a collective intelligence that has the potential to lead to better informed decision-making processes and to empower citizens, through participation and interaction and increased transparency.

Our software eliminates artificial barriers and inefficiencies that hinder the flow of communication and the act of sharing or giving (information, goods, knowledge), opening the door to novel reward mechanisms and business models.

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Share a Ride. Change the World. Earn Social Currency

Enjoy quality time with your friends!
Save time and money on your commute!
Save on parking!

Save the planet. It is our home. And we all share it

Share a Ride and Earn the coolest Social Currency (we call them Aeons*) ever created.
Be different. By being Socially Conscious and by promoting Environmental Sustainability
The Share A Ride App is much more than a Social App.
- Reduces traffic congestion
- Improves air quality.
- Builds Community Spirit.
You do your part. Everyone wins. Planet Earth thanks YOU!

You can share a ride with your friends. With your colleagues. Even with your boss!
Pick a friend. Schedule a Ride in the Future. Find in real-time who is offering a Ride.

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.” -- Mahatma Gandhi

*Aeon, is a word borrowed from the ancient Greek, and it means "life" or "for eternity".
We think it is a very appropriate name for a Social Currency. We hope you agree.
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apps4mobility apps description

Manage much?

Get your favorite tool in your hands, always with you.
Make it easier to update the daily tasks. Make it snappy.
Turn management from chore, to fun.

FPM brings along the most common actions and
focus into your pocket and a little extra. Not too much.
Focus is the driving goal.

FPM has the power to manage the company.

FPM Mobile puts the company in your hand.
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apps4mobility android appsapps4mobility iphone appsapps4mobility local apps
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FPM Mobile

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iFarm Family Software

iFarm was developed to support farming efficient management by improving and simplifying agricultural processes with the help of automated systems able to solve problems without human interference.

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apps4mobility apps4mobility

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